Melissa here, one of Brillo’s resident interior designers, today I’m going to talk about one of the top features that we love to incorporate into kitchen designs, open shelving.  Take a look and pick up some inspiration!

Bovee Home- When my husband and I decide to remodel our 1950’s ranch I knew that I needed to make design decisions that made our small kitchen feel larger.  Along with taking out two walls, open shelving was a must have for me.  Not having full cabinets opened up the space and allowed the natural light from our windows to flood the room.  See more of the Bovee kitchen project here.

While most of the time we like using wood shelving to add warmth to the kitchen, this photo shows how elegant glass shelving can be.  We love the shelves in a more traditional setting like this!

This all while kitchen designed by, Heather Bullard, is a perfect example of how natural elements such as the butcher block island top and the wood shelving can warm up the space.

White shelving with brass brackets fits really well with the clean aesthetic in this kitchen designed by, Emily Henderson!

Keeping the utilitarian pieces such as the plates and bowls on the lower shelves and the more decorative objects, like cake plates on the top shelf provides the perfect balance of form and function.  Kitchen designed by, Nicole Davis Interiors

We love the warmth and rustic charm that the reclaimed shelving adds to this kitchen designed by, Amber Interiors!

People tend to worry about two things when considering open shelving in their space.  One is dust.  I have found with having open shelves in my own home that I cycle through the dishes fast enough that they don’t get dusty… and as for the decorative pieces, yup, I still have to dust those!  The second concern is having dishes that are display worthy.  I am a fan of all white dishes and think that they provide a nice backdrop for the decorative items that you would like to feature on the shelves.  And there is no rule stating that you can’t keep the “funny saying mugs” behind closed doors! Kitchen by, Prairie Home Styling

In the design world, there isn’t much that Studio McGee of Salt Lake City does wrong.  These shelves in this gorgeous kitchen are no exception!