Each year we always look forward to what new trends will come to the design world. Trends are fun and it’s exciting to see what different things we can incorporate into new projects. Though in the world of remodeling we like to use tried and true pieces that will carry your new space for years to come. Enter the classic subway tile. With so many variations subway tile allows you to be creative and still maintain a clean aesthetic. There’s a reason it has been a design staple for so long! Trends come and go, but in our opinion, subway tile is here to stay.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to use subway tile, what better than to try laying the tile in a new pattern like our Interior Designer, Melissa, did in the newly remodeled Brillo offices. The herringbone layout is both unique and eye catching.

An easy way to show variation in material is using different sizes. Subway tile comes in many sizes both smaller and larger than the standard 3×6. We love the 4×12 tile seen here in a bathroom by Kristina Crestin. For those not looking to step too outside of the box, using different sized tile can create a nice balance of classic and modern.

Color is a great example at incorporating subway tile in a new and unexpected way. Where we traditionally see white tile, Tri Design Inc. showcases a different look using a bold navy tile. Sticking with other neutral colors also helps create an updated look, but remains timeless.

Beige doesn’t have to be boring! As designer Lynn K. Leonidas displays, it works well paired with dark and light accents – or a mix of both! It is a great base color to build around. Beige helps to warm a room up, and when keeping it styled with other neutrals it looks clean and modern.

Studio McGee beautifully showcases a beveled subway tile which offers just enough texture to give the material a bit of interest.